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Full-Suite Digital Marketing

Have all your SEM efforts managed effectively, under one roof, by independent, agency-free digital marketing experts.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Boost traffic from search engines by ranking for target keywords.

Local SEO Marketing Services

Focused, geographically-targeted marketing campaigns to drive business in your area.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Show effective ads in search engines, social media, & across the web.

Social Media Management

Effective and engaging social strategies that build a profitable online following.

Website Design & Development

With a new site or a redesign, acquire more customers with high-converting web pages.

Video Content Marketing

Showcase every aspect of your brand with powerful content that drives interest.

Connected TV/OTT Advertising

Your target audience is streaming their content, and so should you. We'll make it happen.

Data Analysis & Consulting

Expert guidance through any complex marketing decisions.

Our Process

When we roll out any new strategy, we follow three crucial components to ensure its effectiveness:

Research & Analysis

Start Smart

Before we start any digital marketing effort for a new partner (client), we perform extensive research on competition, targeting, and what’s most important to address first. Additionally, we analyze all strengths and weaknesses to figure out what’s worked before, and what hasn’t.

Evolving Strategy

Always Adapt

On average, Google updates their search algorithms more than once a day; with major algorithm updates occurring several times per year. When new data comes in, we gain valuable insights on how to evolve.  Any digital marketing strategy we implement for you will adapt accordingly.

Data Reporting

Track Everything

Data has surpassed oil (yes, that’s right) in terms of overall value. Every metric matters, and excel file reports are useless. With our proprietary software, you see everything we see in your own customized data dashboard. From keyword rankings to ad campaigns to email marketing and beyond, view of every result from any effort right at your fingertips – all in real-time.

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Short answer – Whatever amount you want to invest in marketing your business.

Long answer – We work with budgets at every level. But naturally, the more marketing budget we have to work with, the more aggressive we can be at every stage of our strategy. Depending on your industry, every marketing dollar will go some “distance” in terms of obtaining results. If you’re in a highly-competitive industry such as hemp, mortgages, or insurance, $1 in marketing budget won’t carry the weight it would in other, less-competitive industries (such as ride sharing or video-on-demand services, for example). The majority of industries fall somewhere in between.

Your budget, relative to the competition in your industry, will determine the marketing proposal we provide you. This is why we first need a general idea of both before we can finalize a strategy.

Request your marketing proposal here.

No. Every agreement is month-to-month.

At IndieSEM, there are no contracts or commitments of any kind. Of course it’s impossible to provide results overnight, but it’s our mission to work hard to keep you happy and on board with us for a long time to come.

We’re proud of maintaining a 5-star rating history on Google Reviews; given by real clients. You can find those here.


Traditional marketing agencies are notoriously bad at giving your strategy the time it requires, using your marketing budget effectively, and providing great results (we know, we’ve worked for several).

Not all agencies are bad, but 99% of them will fail to deliver on the work you’re paying them for. They will take on anyone who wants to pay them, regardless of their bandwidth to handle the extra work. You also never know who’s going to be “assigned” to your account. It could be an intern or even someone in another country. Your ROI is secondary to an agency’s profits, which is why their client churn rates continue to plummet. After all, agencies rely on your monthly payment to fund expenses that have nothing to do with your marketing (like CEO bonuses, corporate retreats, company cars, and general overhead). You might not get what you paid your agency for, but at least they got that new, state-of-the-art foosball table for the office.


We structured IndieSEM to be fundamentally different from typical agencies. We recruit only the best talent in digital marketing and DO NOT accept job applications. No interns, no outsourcing. Everything is done in house by marketing experts. With no agency-related costs to pass along, you can enjoy knowing that 100% of your marketing budget is going where it should – to work for YOU.

You can learn more about us here.

We want to be 100% clear on our answer – it depends (see below), and we’ll never promise a timeline for results.

We don’t make false promises in hopes of obtaining clients like agencies often do. Depending on the competitive nature of your industry, we can see results in as little as a few weeks or in as long as several months. Even within very-competitive industries, we can start seeing results rather quickly in some areas.


For an SEO-related example, let’s say you want to rank on page one of Google for “Keyword A”. If “Keyword A” is moderately competitive with good search volume, and your site is primed to easily increase in search results for it, we could realistically see that happen in a matter of weeks. Conversely, if “Keyword B” is one of the most-competitive and highly-searched keyword phrases in your particular industry, it will naturally take more time and resources to see movement in your website’s search ranking position for it. As always though, marketing budget will determine how aggressive we can be in cases like this. Higher marketing budgets allow us to edge out competitors, and as a result –  lessen the time it takes to see desired results.


If you’re in a high-competition industry and don’t have a marketing budget comparable to an average competitor, it’s unrealistic to expect any major results (or to request a marketing proposal). We invite you to explore other options.

We work with businesses in every industry; provided that the nature of operations is fully-legal in the country where business is performed.

If you have specific questions, please include them in your proposal request.

IndieSEM is headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT. We also have an east-coast office located in downtown Miami, FL.

All IndieSEM marketing partners are located in the United States.

Please ask us directly.

The best way to do that is to simply include your question(s) in the proposal request form below (in the “Anything you’d like us to know” field). You can also email us at info@indiesem.com. We’ll respond ASAP.

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