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Can You Serve Google or Facebook Ads For Vape Websites?

No. Here’s why…

The online vape juice industry is new, relatively speaking. As a result, advertising platforms (Google, Facebook, etc.) simply aren’t sure what they want to allow users to see.

Google Ads disapproves ads for vape juice products and entire websites even mentioning vape juice, eJuice, or eLiquid. Currently, as a general rule, we’re simply not allowed to serve PPC ads (yet), so we’re forced to shift our focus to SEO. 

We’ve worked to develop a powerful strategy to market online stores selling vape juice products by aggressively boosting traffic and sales online through high search engine visibility.

Vape Juice Website SEO Marketing

Grow Vape Website Traffic & Sales

Don’t resort to working with an agency. Partner with us and enjoy superior SEO & online marketing for your vape website.

Growing your organic traffic and SEO presence is essential in an industry like this one. eJuice sales online is a huge business and it’s not going away anytime soon. Unfortunately, the ban on serving vape juice ads on Google, Facebook, and virtually every other platform isn’t going away anytime soon either. Regardless, the goal remains the same – get vape websites in front of searchers.

Here’s how we’ll plan, execute, and track the perfect vape juice marketing strategy together:

Keyword Tracking

Our real-time reporting lets you keep track of your search engine rankings over time.

Competitive Targeting

Your competition is our competition. And we'll work overtime to capture market share.

Backlink Acquisition

Interlinking on your website and off-site link building is huge for SEO. We’ve got you covered.

Viral-Worthy Content

New, fresh, & engaging content is a major SEO factor. We’ll keep search crawlers coming back for more.

Blog Article Creation

We'll keep your blog up-to-date with captivating, keyword-rich posts that increase rankings.

Page Speed Optimizing

We’ll optimize page elements to load quickly to ensure the best experience for your website visitors.

HTML/CSS Optimization

H1’s H2’s, meta tags, and all your website code will be cleaned up and search engine friendly.

Evolving Strategies

Over time, as new data comes in, we’ll work together to continually evolve our SEO strategy.

Ready For More Traffic & Sales?

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We'll perform a full website and SEO audit, analyze any historical data, and share our recommendations for an ongoing strategy.

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