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Our vision is one of fairness, accountability, affordability, and longevity for any client in the IndieSEM family. Although vision statements like this are the antithesis of what typical marketing agencies are all about, our’s is truthful. We have different goals than they do, as well as a fundamentally different business model.

You’ve likely already worked for an agency before, so you know the drill. After their “unbiased sales team” reels unsuspecting clients in with some specific promise like “page one of Google in the first month!” or “results guaranteed!”, it’s pretty easy to tell how little a they care about the client, their company, or it’s growth after just a few short weeks.

IndieSEM exists to offer a much-needed alternative for business owners and executives to outsource their digital marketing efforts. If you want to join our team, you need to be a cut above the rest and have the resumé to prove it. Any potential candidate for a career with IndieSEM fully understands our mission and why we started IndieSEM.

Marketing Partner Recruiting

We want only the best, most-experienced marketing experts representing IndieSEM, so we don’t post career opportunities on our website or anywhere else. We go out of our way to headhunt those we consider to be the most-qualified candidates in the digital marketing industry.

Although we are very selective when it comes to recruiting candidates to join our team, we occasionally review resumé submissions and will consider reaching out to highly-qualified candidates to join our team of digital marketing experts.

If you think it’s worth us taking a look at, send your resumé to [email protected].

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