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Can You Serve Google or Facebook Ads For Websites Selling Marijuana, Cannabis, or CBD products?

No. Here’s why…

eCommerce for Hemp, CBD, and Cannabis products is new, relatively speaking. As a result, advertising platforms (Google, Facebook, etc.) simply aren’t sure what they want to allow users to see.

Google, Facebook and virtually all other major platforms immediately disapprove ads promoting these products. Currently, as a general rule, we’re simply not allowed to serve pay-per-click (PPC) ads (at least not yet), so we’ve shifted our focus to SEO and have developed an elite strategy to get our clients’ websites in front of ideal customers actively searching for their products. 

Each marketing strategy we develop is based on historical data and findings from our initial analysis of your website and competition. Every website has unique needs and therefore requires a fully-customized strategy.

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SEO Marketing for CBD Online eCommerce Stores


We’ll get right to work as your SEO partner to develop the best path towards higher search rankings and increased organic traffic for your website.

As our partner in your marketing success, you’ll receive a higher-value, more-robust SEO strategy that no ‘dime-a-dozen’ agency out there can match, including:

Real-Time SERPs

Our real-time keyword reporting lets you monitor all your rankings by individual keyword.

Competitive Targeting

Your competition is our competition. And we'll work overtime to capture market share.

Backlink Acquisition

Interlinking on your website and off-site link building is huge for SEO. We’ve got you covered.

Viral-Worthy Content

New, fresh, & engaging content is a major SEO factor. We’ll keep search crawlers coming back for more.

Blog Article Creation

We'll keep your blog up-to-date with captivating, keyword-rich posts that increase rankings.

Page Speed Optimizing

We’ll optimize page elements to load quickly to ensure the best experience for your website visitors.

HTML/CSS Optimization

H1’s H2’s, meta tags, and all your website code will be cleaned up and search engine friendly.

Evolving Strategies

Over time, as new data comes in, we’ll work together to continually evolve our SEO strategy.

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