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Custom landing pages are an excellent way to zero in on the optimal user experience for your website visitors. Creating variations of these pages with slight differences in messaging, images, and calls-to-action allow you to yield some very valuable data. Testing these variations against each other by seeing how traffic responds to each one over time will teach you a great deal about what strategies work and which ones don’t.

When we create a custom landing page for you, we will also design slightly-altered versions of the original page to allow for “A/B” and “multi-variate” testing. In short, this refers to testing the overall user experience of one landing page versus another in regards to conversion rate and other factors. We will segment out a portion of the web traffic and send a percentage of visitors to each page and measure the results.

Over time, the data we acquire will provide us with a blueprint to create increasingly-effective landing pages for your website visitors in the future. Here’s just some of what our work involves:

Original Designs

Whether you have an existing site that needs a redesign or need a new one – we’ve got you.

Best Coding Practices

Our coders use the latest up-to-date coding practices to ensure your website is up to snuff.

Responsive Layouts

Each and every web project we take on is coded to be fully responsive and looks great on all devices.

On-Time Completion

Some web projects can drag on, and on.. and on. Not with us! We’ll work fast to get your project completed.

eCommerce Stores

Looking for an online store solution? We’ll create a stunning online store, customized for you.

Lead Generation

If you need leads, we’ll create a beautiful, conversion-friendly website to appeal to your target audience.

Membership Sites

Even web projects as complex as membership sites are what we love doing. Let us know your plan.

Custom Projects

Need some advanced coding for a specific web project? We’ll make it happen – just how you want it.

Why IndieSEM?

Every successful online marketing campaign shows that customization converts better; and your website deserves the best. Sending traffic to pages that are as relevant as possible will make them much more likely to convert.

Rather than sending the bulk of your traffic to a general webpage, present them with a much better experience – a highly-relevant landing page based on their search query, with relevant calls-to-action and a logical path towards conversion.

At IndieSEM, we’ll handle the entire project. Using your existing platform (or a new one), we’ll create beautiful, mobile-responsive landing pages (or even an entirely-new website) that your brand resonates with perfectly.

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