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All The Benefits of TV Advertising - With Full Tracking Capabilities


Appeal to your target audience in ways not possibly with other marketing mediums. CTV/OTT advertising allows you to extend your reach and target people by through more traditional means.

Location Targeting

Want to target a list of addresses, zip codes, counties, voting districts, or neighborhoods? Look no further.

Behavioral Targeting

Advertise to consumers based on their interests and behavior using online context.

Demographic Targeting

Let us help you build your target audience using household demographic data.

On- & Off-Line Tracking

Track conversions that happen online, or use geo-fencing data to learn when someone who has seen your ad visits your physical location.

Premium Channels

Advertise ONLY on the best and most popular networks, channels, and devices.

Higher ROI On TV Ads

TV is changing. The way viewers consume media is much different than even just a few years ago. While some watch traditional TV, many have switched to watching TV using apps on their Smart TV (also known as Connected TV). Others are switching to Over-The-Top TV, using tablets, cell phones, computers, and other devices. Consumers are cutting the cable, and you need to get in front of them.

Traditional TV advertising doesn’t always hit your target audience. Worse, it’s almost impossible to track conversion data. CTV advertising and OTT advertising with IndieSEM make this possible. With address list targeting, behavioral data targeting and demographic targeting with IndieSEM, you can be sure you’re not wasting your marketing budget on useless media placements. And with added geo-fencing from addresses and your store front, you can be sure you have the most accurate data possible. 

Large media buyers are often susceptible to CTV fraud. They will upcharge you and sell you on advertisements that will never bring customers to your site, or to your storefront. This doesn’t do you ANY good.

At IndieSEM, we can help you avoid fraud with true and accurate conversion data, and can give the time, attention, and dedication to make sure your CTV placements are worth every penny.

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