Google Ads/Analytics Training: How To Set Up A Remarketing Ads Campaign

How to Set Up Remarketing in Google Ads & Analytics

In this video, we will be discussing how to set up a Google Analytics Remarketing Audience, and then using that audience to set up a Google Ads Remarketing Campaign.

To set up the Google Analytics Remarketing Audience and connect a Google Ads Property:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Property Settings and click on “Property Tracking Info”, then “Data Collection”
  2. Turn Remarketing Switch To On
  3. Next, navigate to “Audience Definitions” > “Audiences”, and set your remarketing audience source, enable remarketing, and then select the audience destinations that apply to whatever your desired audience may be.
  4. Then go to “Property Settings” > “Property Linking” > “Google Ads Linking” and connect the appropriate Google Ads account. Make sure you link All Website Data, and then click save
Next, we will set up the Google Ads Remarketing Campaign:
  1. Navigate to Google Ads, click on “Campaigns”, and then create a new campaign by clicking the blue plus symbol, then click “New Campaign”
  2. Select a goal type, then click Display, as this is the most basic and often-used campaign type. Then, click on your desired option, and enter your website
  3. Name your campaigns, choose your bid strategy, set your budget, and name your ad group
  4. The most important step here is to choose the correct audience. Since you have set up a remarketing audience in Google Ads, and connected your Google Analytics, your audience should automatically import. Just click on “Browse” > “How They Have Interacted With Your Business” > “Website Visitors” > Then find your imported audience
  5. Turn OFF Targeting Expansion, as you only want to remarket to your connected list
  6. Create your ads, or upload custom ads, and then launch your campaign!

Creating a Remarketing Display Campaign in Google Ads is essential for most businesses and organizations, and it’s something you want to set up sooner rather than later.

Check out the full how-to video on YouTube here:

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