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March 30, 2020

CBD SEO: Digital Marketing for Hemp & CBD Websites
The CBD industry is booming and it continues to grow exponentially. New companies are constantly popping up, wanting to get their foot in the door of this highly-popular and profitable market. In order for a CBD company to gain exposure and be successful in such a saturated market, a team of experienced and reliable experts are needed to get your company’s name on the map and in front of online searchers.

That’s where we come in.

We are IndieSEM; an independent internet marketing company that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) for hemp and CBD companies. Here is why your company needs us.

Right now, Google, Bing, and social media websites do not not allow hemp or CBD companies to serve paid advertisements on their platforms. Our founder and CEO recently gave an interview on this very topic with; discussing the importance of SEO in the overall marketing strategy of any company selling CBD online. We work closely alongside those we partner with and give them the individual attention they need to see success in this ad-restrictive industry. At IndieSEM, we develop aggressive and effective strategies to market hemp and CBD websites to increase web traffic and online sales.

IndieSEM and SEO

SEO is an internet marketing strategy that increases website traffic by increasing the visibility of a company’s website on the results page of a search engine. We have a comprehensive knowledge of Google’s algorithm, especially when it comes to marketing hemp and CBD websites. We know the algorithms that dictate Google’s search behavior; what people search for and specific keyword terms.

We optimize your website by adding context and modifying HTML and other code to increase relevance to popular keyword searches. We also work to create a strong backlink profile, which works to increase your website’s domain authority. The result is your company’s website ranked near the top of search results in Google, which leads to increased online visibility.


When you partner with us, we will begin working right away to develop a specialized and individualized SEO plan that will result in higher search rankings and increased organic traffic for your CBD website. Over time, your company‘s website will rise to the forefront of internet searches and make you an industry leader in this rapidly-growing market. Our individual attention to our partners (clients) is what sets us apart from the average marketing agency out there. We understand the importance of communication and we’ll dedicate the time and effort required to make your business successful on the web.

If you are just getting your CBD company started and don’t yet have a website, no problem! We will build one for you. If you already have a website but it needs some ‘sprucing up’, we can redesign your existing one. We work with all website platforms and will work closely with you to not only drive traffic to your website, but to make sure your website works to convert that traffic into paying customers.

Interested in a customized CBD marketing plan, request a free marketing proposal. We’ll get to work on your’s right away and will be in touch within one hour of your request.  

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