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Does your company lack an online footprint? Are you looking to boost your business? Are you unsatisfied with your current internet marketing strategy? Our team at IndieSEM is here to help you with all of it. If you’re just getting your business started, we’ll work with you to build a successful website. Or, if you just want to spruce up your site, we’ll work with you to redesign your exiting one. Our strategy to boost your business is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is an internet marketing strategy that boots traffic to your website by increasing your website’s visibility on a search engine’s results page.

SEO Services at IndieSEM

There are 3 main pieces to SEO. We find the best keywords that boost organic (non-paid) traffic to your website; we make your site “Google friendly”; and we create links on trustworthy websites that link back to your site, thereby sending more traffic to your site. While it is true that paid advertising steers traffic to websites, the truth of the matter is that most online traffic is controlled by search engines. Non-paid search results appears more credible on a results page and receive more clicks than paid sites. Studies have shown that a mere 2.8% of U.S. searches lead to clicks on paid advertisements.

Our team is highly experienced and has a comprehensive knowledge of Google and the algorithms that dictate its search behavior such as search terms and keywords. Our SEO strategy is to add context, modify HTML, and various other coding techniques to move your website to the top of Google’s results page when certain keywords are searched. The result is more exposure for your company.

Not Just Another SEO Agency

Did you know that a large portion of the monthly budget you give a typical SEO marketing agency is used to pay rent for their space, utilities, and even bonuses? Of course you didn’t. You’d walk away. With our anti-agency model, we can stretch your monthly SEO budget further than any typical marketing agency can…no matter the size of your budget.

When you come on board with us, we begin working immediately to develop a specialized and individualized plan that will result in higher search rankings and increased organic traffic for your company’s website. Our only goal is to put your company at the forefront of internet searches, which will make your company a leader in your field. We give our clients the individual attention they deserve, which sets us apart from larger marketing corporations. We understand the importance of communication and will dedicate the time and effort you expect to make your business successful.

We will work closely with you to develop appropriate keywords that will allow us to keep track of your rankings over time, as well as target your competition. As part of our SEO service, we build on-site and off-site links that will drive traffic to your website. We work with you to create fresh content on your site that includes keyword-rich blog articles that increase your ranking. SEO is constantly changing and as new data is received, we’ll work with you to evolve our strategy.

We look forward to partnering with you and your company on your journey to success. To learn more about your SEO options and to request a proposal, visit our SEO services page today!

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